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Landlord – Tenant

The profitability of a real estate portfolio depends primarily on effective management of tenant relationships. Tenants provide the income stream of a landlord’s holdings, but they can also diminish the value of real estate and lead to significant losses through unpaid rents, improper use of the property causing injury to others, and destruction of the property itself. Property owners often must deal with tenant’s claims including lease breaches, nuisance, negligence, fraud and negligent misrepresentation, breach of covenant of quiet enjoyment, habitability issues, strict liability and claims of emotional distress. Third parties may also make claims against landlords as a result of tenants’ use of the property.

Therefore, it is important that the expectations and responsibilities of the parties in a landlord-tenant relationship be clear in all lease agreements, and that remedies for violations are lawful, effective and appropriate. The Law Offices of J. Scott Isherwood are experienced in counseling our clients with the myriad of issues that arise in managing property, from drafting lease agreements, to representing land owners with serious tenant disputes, to defending owners against claims of tenants and third parties, to ultimately prosecuting unlawful detainer actions (eviction) for non-payment and other beaches of lease and rental agreements.

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