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Collections, Litigation and Judgment Enforcement

In today’s economy, convincing individuals, businesses, tenants and customers to pay for goods and services is a major problem. Federal and California laws regulating how one may collect outstanding debts are complex, and can add to the difficulties. Often delegating this task to an experienced attorney is the most cost effective method of recovering accounts payable, and other secured and unsecured debt.

The Law Offices of J. Scott Isherwood provides comprehensive collections services including:

  • Informal pre-litigation demands;
  • Litigation and pre-judgment remedies including attachment and receivership;
  • Judicial foreclosure;
  • Non-judicial foreclosure;
  • Post-judgment wage garnishment;
  • Recording liens
  • Levying debtor’s assests;
  • Post-judgment asset discovery;
  • Orders of examination;
  • Recovery of assets fraudulently conveyed to others for the purpose of avoiding collection.

We thoroughly analyze each case and determine the most efficient course of action to recover each debt. In some cases, however, a debt may be uncollectible; we have the resources to help determine the likelihood of recovery, and will make recommendations at the earliest time to avoid undue expenditure of time and money.

Our job does not end until the client recovers cash. The Law Offices of J. Scott Isherwood has the experience to convert your debtor’s obligations to cash.

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