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The Law Offices of J. Scott Isherwood is an experienced civil litigation and counseling firm. We offer legal solutions for businesses, associations and individuals and tailor our services to effectively solve legal problems based on each client’s unique needs and circumstances.

Disagreements occur regularly – people breach agreements or accuse others of breaking promises – negligent conduct causes injury to person or property – some do not pay their obligations. Most of these problems can be settled amicably or are “written-off.”  However, when a dispute becomes large or contentious, an acceptable resolution may only be possible with the assistance of experienced legal counsel who will advise you on your rights and provide realistic alternatives for achieving your goals. No matter what your legal problem entails, we will provide you with legal counseling that will help you solve your dispute.

The Law Offices of J. Scott Isherwood will thoroughly analyze your problem and provide realistic options to reach a satisfactory result. With an understanding of the issues and a defined plan, we have the experience and resources to solve these matters whether by informal communications, by mediation or arbitration, and/or by representation in a civil lawsuit resulting in a jury trial or appeal.  We will take on these difficulties, always with your best interest in mind, so you can focus on more important matters – your business and your life.

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